An exploration of the human figure

"Since ancient times, artists have visually recreated and re-evaluated the human body. Consequently, it has been used for medical and scientific investigations, as an educational tool and as an allegory for something other than itself. Representations of the body are not merely works of art but can also be read as social documents; paintings and sculptures are direct vehicles of history. To a certain degree all art embodies crystallized history, allowing its cultural values to be portrayed through the iconography of art." Anne Abichou, The Oxford Companion to the Body


The collection of pictures in the Bristol office of Simmons & Simmons brings together works by different generations of artists acquired over the last thirty years. The works in the collection are united by the theme of human figure and feature sixteen paintings, photographs and prints by internationally acclaimed as well as emerging artists.


The catalogue of the works currently on display in our Bristol office can be viewed here

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